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Sometimes called the “silent killer,” high blood pressure could be the poster child for the importance of wellness exams and preventive care. Hetal Gandhi, MD, and the team at Synergy Medical in Livonia, Michigan, can help you manage your high blood pressure. Get started by booking an appointment online or calling today.

High Blood Pressure Q & A

What is high blood pressure?

Blood moves throughout your body, delivering oxygen to your tissues and organs to keep your body healthy and operating normally. As the blood moves through the body, it applies pressure against the artery walls. When that pressure is excessively high, you are said to have high blood pressure or hypertension.

If left untreated, high blood pressure damages your arteries and can lead to heart disease or stroke.

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

Unlike many medical issues that cause pain or have outward symptoms, there are no symptoms to signal that you have high blood pressure. In fact, one in three Americans has high blood pressure, and many don't even know it.

Although there are no symptoms, there are risk factors that include:

  • Family history
  • Age over 55
  • African-American ethnicity
  • Obesity
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Smoking
  • Diet high in salt

Why is it important to manage high blood pressure?

If high blood pressure is left untreated, it not only damages the arteries that are trying to deliver oxygen throughout your body, but it can also damage organs and tissues. The results can be life-threatening.

Untreated high blood pressure can lead to:

  • Heart attack, angina, or heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease or failure
  • Vision loss
  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD)

How is high blood pressure treated?

Treatment for high blood pressure falls into three categories:


Diuretics and heart medications known as ACE-inhibitors that widen, or dilate, your blood vessels are often prescribed to manage high blood pressure.

Lifestyle changes

Dr. Gandhi helps you develop healthy living habits to limit your blood pressure risk, such as eating a healthy diet low in salt, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking or losing weight, if needed.

Preventive care

By making and keeping annual wellness visits and physicals, Dr. Gandhi and the team at Synergy Medical partner with you to manage your blood pressure and run tests to make sure your kidneys and heart are healthy.

Partnering with patients to manage chronic diseases is one of the hallmarks of Synergy Medical — book your appointment online or call today.